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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Week 10 w/o 1

First Workout of week #10. Squats,Overhead press and Deadlifts

Squats- 250lbs. Increased my warmup sets a bit. 5x135 5x185 3x225. Got all my reps at 250lbs. Was a bit nervous as 245lb felt very heavy on Friday, but once I got under the bar 250lb felt pretty good.

Over Head Press 100lbs - Got all my reps at 100 after missing at this weight last time. Focused on my form, elbows forward at the bottom position, smooth motion up, torso under bar at the end, chin tucked. Also, after watching a couple more videos, narrowed my grip a bit.

Deadlifts 265lbs - Increased my warmups a bit on this one as well. 5x135 5x185 3x225. 5x265 was heavy but got them all. Overhand grip for warmups, mixed grip for work set.

All in all it was a great session. Made sure I got plenty of food and rest on my off days and it seemed to make a difference. All the lifts felt easier than they did last week even though they were heavier. What a rush to hit the 250lb benchmark in squats!

Weight 212lbs. Up about 7lbs since I started. Waist measurement is still the same so not to much fat in that I hope. My legs are almost a full inch bigger in the thigh than when I started and the biggest surprise, arms are up .5" without doing a single curl!

I did enjoy myself this Canada Day long weekend. Went to a BBQ on Saturday, drank some beers, ate some ribs etc etc so will have to see where my weight is again at the end of the week. I would still like to get down to about 190lbs at ~15%BF so need to clean up the diet and go back into a caloric deficit if I want to get there. May impede my gains in weights a bit.


  1. Why are you interested in losing weight? That is counter to your goal of a stronger you. As Mehdi says, it is much easier to lose fat after you've gained muscle.

    I am up to about 185 lbs, probably around 18% BF. 34" waist pants still fit comfortably. But even if I had to go to 36" waists at this point I don't care. I know I am much stronger today at 185lb then I was at 167 lb when I started SL 5x5.

    You are well on your way to 300 lb squats, and you could even hit 400 lb deadlift by the end of the year! I would make that your goal before you try to cut weight. It is just too easy to lose muscle if you drop your calories.

  2. When I started my quest to get fit last July I was tipping the scales at 250lbs 34% BF, tight size 42 pants. After getting down to 205lbs I guess I am still a bit neurotic about it.

    After working my ass off to get to a comfortable size 36 I don't know if mentally I could live with going back up to a 38 even for a 300lb+ squat.

  3. LOL

    I thought maybe, from reading your past blog entries, that you were still stuck on the weight loss. Dude, you have done an awesome job. 250 down to 205? At the same time as putting on muscle (which weighs more than fat). You need to realize that your 205 today, compared to your 250 is probably more like 190 lb.

    But I understand what you mean. I remember when I was in 36" and they were too tight and I needed new pants several years ago. I could have bought 38" but instead I decided to lose weight and stay in 36". Still, you are within spitting distance of 300lb squats!

    P.S. Thanks for the info on the prevention nutrition tracker!