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Friday, July 1, 2011

Week 9 W/O 3

Last workout of week 9.

Squats 245lb. Got all 25 reps but damn it's getting heavy now. Really had to fight for the 5th rep in sets #4&5. Little light headed after those sets.

Bench 160lb. I am officially confused. After being no where close on 160 last bench session, nailed all 25 reps this time. Felt like my form was good and only the last rep of the last set I really had to work for.

Rows 140lbs I was pretty gassed by the time rows came around today. Got all 25 reps but my form left something to be desired. Was coming up a bit at the end of the sets. May leave it at 140lbs again for next time rows come around with the focus on cleaning up my form.

All in all another great week. New PRs on every lift.

End of week 9

Deadlifts 255lbs
Squats 245lbs
Bench 160lbs
Rows 140lbs
OHP 95lbs (missed on 100)

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