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Monday, July 18, 2011

Week 11 W/O 3

Last session of Week 11. Squats, Bench and Rows.

Right from the get go I knew today's session was not going to be great. I had family coming into town for the weekend, a ton of things to get done and my focus was all over the place. I contemplate skipping all together but went.

Bench 165lbs. Last chance at 165lbs before deloading. Did bench first and got 5x5. Didn't really have to dig for it until 4th rep of 4th set. Felt very good to be on the edge of a deload and push hard to get the weight and move on.

Squats 270lbs. This is where my lack of focus hit. Warm ups where fine and did 3x5 at 270lbs but my head just wasn't in the game. I had the strength for the weight but I don't know, just no drive to push myself that hard. Dropped to 250kb for the last two sets.

Rows 145lbs. No problems here. Form felt good, elbow didn't hurt to bad.

To beat myself up over not doing my squats I added in some dips at the end. Prior to starting Stronglifts I could not do an unassisted body weight dip so I was curious to see if that had changed considering I had done no tricep specific lifts in almost 3 months. Much to my surprise I pounded out 3 sets of 5 @210lbs body weight, they were hard but not overly.

So despite the squats sucking, I left the gym feeling not bad about the session. I'm a bit pissed at myself as not doing 270lbs 5x5 means redoing that weight. But, on the flip side, if someone had told me before starting I would take my squats to 270lbs without missing at a weight or deloading I would have said no freaking way.


  1. A) Awesome job on the bench.

    B) Awesome job on squatting thus far. No deloads all the way to 270lbs? That is awesome dude! I am two more misses at 215lb from switching to 3x5.

  2. No updates in a week, how have your workouts been going?