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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Week 11 W/O 1

First session of Week 11. Squats, Bench, Rows
Skipped my session on Friday to give my elbow a bit of a rest. Seems to have paid off as it it feeling much better. Not 100% yet, but better than it was.

Squats - 260lbs. Legs seemed to have benefited from the extra time off as well. Got all the reps in although I wasn't totally happy with the last 2 reps of set 5. May keep it at 260 for one more session.

Bench - 165lbs. 5x4x4x4x4. Didn't get 165lb again but much better than last time. The plan was to do bench first and see if that makes a difference but being Monday, bench was lined up with all the "bros" doing crappy assisted half reps. Had to laugh, watched these two guys, early 20's on the bench while I was doing my squats. Had about 185lbs on the bar. Right from the first rep the spotter was helping the guy make the lift, and the guy continued for 5 reps like that. I think the spotter was getting more of a workout than the guy actually on the bench.

Rows-140lbs This is were the rest for my elbow paid dividends. Last week I couldn't even do the warm ups without my elbow screaming. Yesterday, no problems.Did get a bit of a talking to from one of the staff about making to much noise dropping the weights. Told her I was doing Pendlay rows and that is kinda how it goes with them, she's was "what's a Pendlay row"? Le sigh. this is one of their personal "trainers" if you can believe it.

Followed up lifting with 15mins of good cardio on the eliptical. If there is one thing I do kinda miss it's running 3x a week like I was doing. Kinda sucks knowing after working so hard to get to a 27min 5k I have lost that level of cardio over the last couple months. I know it's contradictory to my current goal of getting stronger to worry about it and be running 15k+ a week but I do miss it.


  1. You enjoy cardio? I absolutely hate it. It is so boring. With lifting I am so into proper form, thinking about how many reps, what set I am in etc. I love lifting. I hate cardio. Got a tongue lashing from my doctor about that. LOL

  2. LOL enjoy is a strong word but for some perverse reason I do miss running. I think it's because I worked so hard to be able to go from gasping up a lung after 5 mins to running at a good pace for 30mins+.