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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Week 10 W/O 2

2nd workout of week 10 Squats, Bench, Rows

Squats 255lbs. Warm ups 5x135 5x185 3x225. Got all 25 reps at 255lb work weight. Form felt good. Had to work for the last 2 reps of sets 4 and 5.

Bench 165lbs. 3x5x4x3x3. Ugh. Had to set up in the power rack and the bench press was busy. Didn't expect to have so much problems with 165 after punching out 160lb last session.

Rows - Had to skip rows completely. During warm ups for rows, the elbow that has been bothering me flared up and I just couldn't do the motion without pain. Decided rather than risk hurting it even more to give it a rest.

Squats aside a pretty disappointed gym session. Last week during this workout I did bench first as the squat rack was occupied and hit 160lbs with no problems. I had no problems doing squats after bench, but wondering if doing the heavy squats first is taking to much out of me. I know I was pretty blasted after them yesterday when it was bench time. I'll switch it up again on Monday when it's time for the bench press workout again and see if it makes a difference. Even though not working the chest during squats, the energy output is pretty high for me at the weight I am squatting.

Considering taking Friday off and giving my elbow 4 days off to see if it helps it recover a bit. Hate missing a session but I'm afraid if I don't give it a chance to recover I'm going to end up missing more down the line. Getting older sucks.

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