Strong Lifts 5x5

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back at it.

So hit the gym yesterday after a week off. While ruminating over future goals, sticking with 5x5 for now.

Squats- 255lbs Deloaded a bit after the week off. Focused on form, nice and deep, good hip drive etc. Felt good to get under the bar again. While it was lighter than where I left off, still a good amount of weight and felt it after wards.

Bench -160lbs. A slight deload (5lbs). Again focused on form. Still a good amount of weight for me being only 5lbs under my current max for 5x5. Had to work for the 5th rep on the last two sets.

Rows 135lbs - Slight deload, wanted to test the elbow a bit and see how it felt after the week off. Still not 100% but pretty close.

Added in 3x5 of body weight dips and just because I hadn't done them for months did a couple sets of dumb bell curls. I was actually quite amazed at how much stronger my biceps were considering I hadn't done a single curl for 3 months. Had no problem curling 42.5lb dumb bells with solid form where my prior best was maybe 32.5. I probably could have gone heavier even but my elbow did complain a bit at the motion so didn't want to push it.

Overall a good session. Dentist appointment Wednesday afternoon so going to have to miss the session, but will hit the gym on Thursday, take Friday off then get back into my old routine of Sat/Mon/Wed for weights.


  1. Bill glad to hear you are back. Not sure you were reading my blog, but I took a week off about a month ago. Oh my did my legs get sore from squatting once I got back. The deload was probably a smart move. But remember my experience if you do notice soreness. A week off seems to be all it takes to atrophy some.

  2. Little doms this morning, but my legs aren't feeling any tighter or more sore than after a normal session before taking the week off. Nothing a nice walk with the pooch after work won't iron out.