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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Week 9 WO 2

Second workout of week 9. Squats, Overhead Press and Deadlifts.

Squats at 240lbs. Really working now to complete the reps and sets. Still haven't missed yet on squats. I would love to get to 300lbs without having to deload. It's hard to judge for me what my old PR was as I always did squats on the Smith machine prior to starting Stronglifts and never went to parallel. I'd guess somewhere around 160lbs.

Overhead press at 100lbs. Missed reps on the last two sets. Got 5x5x5x4x3. OHP continues to be my hardest lift to consistently make gains on.

Deadlifts 255lbs. Warmups 135,185,205. Breaking the 250lbs mark! Did my warmups with overhand again then switched to mixed grip for the work set. I was nervous getting over the bar a bit as 245lbs was an effort last time but got all 5 in.

Little bummed that my upper body strength is lagging so far behind my lower. OHP and Bench seem so far behind what they should be. Oh well, just have to keep working at it.


  1. Wow! Amazing numbers here. Considering we are at about the same place on rows and OHP I am stunned at the weights you are putting up on the other lifts. I plateau'd at 245 lbs in deadlifts. 215 lbs in squats, and 125 lbs. on the bench.

    Great work! Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Lonewolf. Part of it on the big lifts like squats and DL may the difference in size. I go about 205lbs (need to shed about 20lbs of fat still) where as from reading your blog you started at around 165lb?

    If you go by weight ratio you squating 215 is 1.3x your body weight. At 240 I'm at 1.2.