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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Week 6 Stonglifts 5x5

Into the 7th week of my Stronglifts 5x5 routine. It has been going so great. I have reached new personal bests in every catagory. So much fun hitting the gym knowing that each workout I am setting new personal bests.

Yesterday was 2nd workout of week 7 and here are the numbers:

Squat 215lbs
Bench Press 155lbs
Deadlifts 225lbs
Overhead Press 90lbs**
Barbell Rows 125lbs

Overhead press is definitely a struggle for me. I've been at 90lbs for 2 workouts now. First I managed sets of 5,5,5,4,4. and it was a supreme effort in sets 3,4 and 5. Yesterday was better 5,5,5,5,4 and didn't really hit the wall until 4 reps into set 4. I also found it easier to get the bar going off the rack. Last week at 90lbs I had to cheat and push press a bit to get the bar moving off the rack. using my legs and hips a bit. Yesterday my form was much cleaner.

I knew out the gate this lift was going to be the hardest for me and the one I would hit the wall on first. After the problems I had last year with shoulder impingment, that muscle group was the very under trained compared to the rest of my body. During my BFL challenge and the months after, I couldn't do any over head lifts without extreme discomfort. My shoulder only really started to feel back to normal in February where I could do over head lifts again. But, they are getting stronger,just going to take some time.

Nutrition hasn't been the best the last 3 weeks. My beloved Canucks went on a long playoff run right to game 7 of the Stanley Cup. Which, sadly they lost last night. This resulted in lots of pub nights with the boys watching the game. To much beer and hot wings etc. I don't regret a minute of it. It had been 17years since they were last in the Cup Final and if that taught me one thing it is enjoy the run, who knows when or if I will get to experience it again. I didn't miss any workouts and made sure I got my protien each day. Only put on a couple lbs. Given my goal right now is to put on some muscle and gain strength not overly concerned with it.

Now that hockey is done, time to get back on the wagon and back to eating properly.Time to cut out the junk again and start up my food log. I'm setting my nutrition goals at 2500 Kcals per day with a minimum 200g of protein.

Training wise I am sticking to the Stronglifts 5x5. I've cut out almost all my cardio. Training 3 days a week with the 5x5 routine with 15-20mins of elliptical afterwards. No training at all on off days. Just taking the dogs for a walk. Doing heavy squats 3x a week, my legs especially need the recovery time. I tried going for runs on off days, but quickly stopped. The 5x5 rountine is proving to be great at getting my heartrate up and a good sweat going. Especially now that I am over 200lbs in the squats and deadlifts. By the 3rd set of squats I am sweating like I have been running for 15mins.

All in all it has been a great 6 weeks. I've never felt stronger. Other than the OH press none of the lifts feel like I am close to hitting a wall yet. I was very happy on Monday getting under the bar for a 150lb bench press and pounding out the sets of good clean presses. While the last couple reps of sets 4 and 5 required an effort, it wasn't close to feeling like I couldn't get them out. Definitely a pump hitting a personal best and knowing there is much more in the tank still.

Looking forward to the next 6 weeks. Getting my nutrition back on track is going to be of the utmost importance if I want to keep making gains. Can't grow stronger without stoking the machine with proper fuel.

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