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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Start of Week 9

Started off Week 9 with Squats,Bench,Rows day.

I had company all weekend, the weather was fantastic and I admittedly did not get the recovery I should have over the 2 non lifting days. My nutrition was off (way off), drank a bit to much wine and didn't get nearly enough sleep.

So, anyways got back onto routine yesterday and hit the gym even though I was feeling a bit wrung out from the weekend.

Squats 235. Got all my reps and sets, but had to work for the last reps for sure.

Bench Press was disappointing. 160lbs sets of 4x3x4x4x4. No where even close and had to really push to get the 4th rep in each set. Not sure what the problem was as last week I got 155lbs and it felt like 160lb shouldn't have been a problem. I thought maybe I might come up a rep short in the last set, not miss in every set.

Rows, great. Form felt solid and the lift felt better having a 45lb plate a side instead of having to stack weights to make up the height.

Skipped the post lifting cardio. I was blasted after the workout. Weather is nice again today so I'll take the pooch out for an extra long walk tonight. I am kinda missing my runs I used to do on non lifting day before Sl5x5 but my legs just can't recover for 3x squats a week if I do them anymore.

Right Elbow has been bothering me for the last week. Hopefully it will pass with some rest today.

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