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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Some great web sites that cut through the Bullshit

One of the great things about this last year's quest to getting fit has been the knowledge I have picked up by doing some research. It can be an almost herculean task to sift through all the BS in today's multi billion dollar fitness and diet industries. During this time I have found a couple very very good blogs and sites that I enjoy reading and following.

What I love about these sites is they are a middle ground, sane no Bullshit approach to fitness and nutrition. Which frankly are few and far between on the internet. Discussing nutrition is worse than even politics and religion it seems. Every new plan or fad or whatever seems to attract almost cult like followers that firmly believe what they do is the ONLY way to loss fat or whatever. It is just a crazy crazy thing. There are people out there injecting HCG derived from the urine of pregnant women thinking it helps them lose weight.. Yes that is not a typo. People do batshit CRAZY things to try and lose weight. We live in a now now now society and nothing reflects this more than the diet industry.

So, I wanted to share some websites I have come across that promote sanity in diet and weight loss. No quick fixes. Just proven methods that work given commitment and a reasonable time frame to shed fat and get fit.

For a sane approach to tailoring a diet plan that will work for YOU.

Building a workout routine for YOUR goals. Be it fat lost or gaining muscle or a bit of both

One of my favorite all around fitness and health blogs.

A no bullshit approach to looking good naked.

Strength Training Basics

Strength Training for the more advanced lifter

Have a look at those sites and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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