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Monday, June 20, 2011

End of week 7

Wrapped up week 7 on Friday. Ended on a bit of a disappointing note. Didn't quite manage to get my 155lb bench press. Ended up 1/2 a rep short on set 5. Just couldn't push it up the last couple inches. Not worried, I'm sure I will get it on Wednesday.

Pretty much my own stupid fault. Got busy at work and didn't get a pre-workout meal in. Hadn't eaten for almost 3.5 hrs by gym time. So after 5 PR sets on squats at 215lbs I was pretty gassed for bench. Felt great through the first 4 sets but just lost it in the 5th.

Struggling a bit with the nutrition. For some reason having a problem kicking the sugar again. Always a struggle for me, my sweet tooth.

Week 8 starts today with Squats (of course) Overhead press and Deadlifts. Little nervous about the OVP. If I miss 90lbs today means time to deload. I was hoping to get at least 100-110lbs on OHP before worrying about that. 220lbs on squats, on Wednesday I will be shooting for 225lbs or 2 plates a side. Not sure why but every time I get to put on a full 45lb plate it is always a rush. It's like reaching the next level or benchmark.

Deadlifts are starting to get very challenging now. Up to 200lbs I was doing 3 warmup sets then 3 work weight set. Since 200 I have been doing 3 warmups at 135 then 2 at work weight. Now at 235 I think I will change it up to 3 warms ups and 1 work weight (as suggested in Mehdi's book) but progressively load my warmups. 135/185/205 them 235.

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  1. I was right there with you on bench. I got 5/5/5/5/4 at 155 lbs last Wednesday, and I was REALLY pushing for it. Today, I got it no problem and with better form, so I'm sure you'll nail it next time.

    And I agree, there's just something uniquely satisfying about putting on that 45 lb plate that you don't quite get from any other plate combination.