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Thursday, June 23, 2011

225lb Squat Benchmark

Well, got my 225lb Squat yesterday, first try at that weight. Big rush getting under the bar with 2 45lb plates a side. It was hard but not overly so. Never felt like I wasn't going to get the reps in or struggled to get out of the hole. It actually seemed to get easier as my sets progressed.

Also pounded out 155lbs on the bench after missing the last rep last time. Again hard but much better than last time. Didn't struggle to get the 4th &5th reps in the last two sets like my last attempt at this weight. Very long way to go on bench to get where I want to be.

Rows were good at 130lbs. Have a ways to go on that exercise before I stall. Between those and dead lifts my back is putting on some noticeable width. My wife actually mentioned it when I got out of the shower last night how much wider my back is getting. Part of that I'm sure is I've lost much of my gut and love handles over the last year, so I'm getting a more tapered V shape.

For myself, I'm just happy I am finally developing visable traps. All year I did shrugs after shrugs with nothing, then 8 weeks of overhead press, deadlifts and proper rows and they start showing.

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