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Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 50,51

Week 8 Days 1 and 2

Week 8 starting off pretty well. Had a very good LBWO on Saturday. Left the smith machine behind and went to the squat rack for my squats. Dropped the weight a bit and really concentrated on my form without the added stability of the smith machine. Went well and really felt the difference doing free squats and working them nice and deep.

Had a solid run yesterday just off my best pace. Switched things up a bit in the last interval and did 1min sprint (10 mph) 1 min rest (6 mph) 1 min sprint 1 min rest. I liked the added sprint at the end, really felt like I was pushing hard for that 10.

Eating was not perfect. Still maintained a caloric deficit just not the cleanest of carbs this weekend. Had some pasta and a small serving of ice cream on Sunday. Oh well, not going to worry about it at all. Overall my calories were where they needed to be and I got my 200+g of protein each day. After doing the research I have been over the last couple weeks looking beyond this challenge I am coming around the idea "clean eating" may be just a touch over the top. In the end a caloric deficit is the goal along with getting enough protein to feed lean muscle growth. I really do wonder if the body can tell the difference between different carbs. As long as you are aware that some carbs are quite caloric dense and take that into account in portion size.

UBWO today. Looking forward to it. Wrist is feeling a bit better.

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