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Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 48,Day49

Week 7 Day 6

Cardio day again. Had another solid run 2.26m right on my personal best. Weigh in this week at 204. So looking end of week 9 or so to break 200lbs. Going to be a stretch to hit 185, but that goal weight was a a lofty goal. Time to move past the scale weight and keep focusing on inches lost, strength gained and overall how I feel. I think I will skip weighing myself from now until end of week 12 just to surprise myself.

Week 7 Day 7
Free day today. After skipping free day last week and doing some extra cardio, need the break today badly, both physically and mentally. Not going to go crazy, just enjoy some foods I have been craving in reasonable portions. Had some peanut butter on toast with my eggs this morning, was so yummy.

Starting to really get into some research on where and how I want to progress after this 12 weeks is done. So much info and so many different views on nutrition, exercise routines etc etc. I've decided diet is like religion and politics. People get so wrapped up and behind what they believe is the truth. Paleo diets, low carb, no carb, intermittent fasting, blah blah blah blah blah. The list goes on.

I know I have been the same at times with the BFL lifestyle. It works for me so I can get preachy at times. Need to work on not being so single minded on it. Quickly coming up on the 1 year mark. Time to try and expand my knowledge and try some new things. I'm never going to let myself get that fat and heavy again, so I am not afraid to try some different ideas after this challenge to see what works for me. I know BFl does, so at worst I can always come back to it.

Found one great website that I have been working through called JCDFitness. Tons of great articles there, still working my way through them all. This one in particular caught my eye

It just so makes sense. I think that this is where I am going to start on the nutrition front after this cycle. God, to be able to reach that place of blessed flexability compared to the regiment I have been doing. I know from my 4 month break between cycles, I have the ability now to be less regimented but still maintain my body weight.

A part of me wants to just stop this cycle and switch over, but no I made myself the promise I would finish, I am seeing good results again and I want to see this through. It is more from a mental stand point. No being a quitter! It's only another 5 weeks. It will be done before I know it. Plus, on the vanity side, I really love seeing the body changes in the last 4 weeks.

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