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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 47

Week 7 day 5

UBWO day. Wrist still bothering me so did what I could. Felt like I kinda "bonked' today on my bench press. Just didn't seem to have the strength to lift. That said I was also concentrating on my form a lot after watching some vids on proper bench press form. Looks like I may have been cheating a bit. No worries, I think I will cut back the weight for a week or two and just work on improving my form.

Switched up my routine a bit on other exercises. Looking to toss out almost all isolation exercises and go back to the basics of solid strength training with barbell compound lifts. Overhead press for shoulders, deadlifts and rows for back, bench press, squats etc. Once this 12 week challenge is done I am going to give Stronglifts 5x5 a try. While I am more than happy with my weight loss results on BFL, I want to improve my strength now. Give me some news goals to chase like a 200lb+ squat 200lb bench etc.

Eating was fine. Little hungrier than normal. Been a bit of a haul since last free day. Going to have to be extra careful tomorrow not to over indulge. My body is definitely ready for a day off. No exercise at all planned for free day this week.

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