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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 46

Week 7 day 4

Cardio day again. Knocked it out of the park with my run today. Shattered my previous best with 2.25m in 20 mins. Really felt great all run. I was a bit worried before I started after doing legs and going for that bike ride last night, but after 3-4mins they loosened up nicely and weren't a problem. I hung my motivation poster right infront of the treadmill prior to my run, and man did that ever work. Really let me focus on why I was working so hard on the treadmill.

I've been weighing in every day this week to track my progress when not taking a free day last week. Looks like I am gaining ground on the lost week. 205 this morning with two days left this week. 199lbs by end of week 8 is back in sight.

UBWO is going to be a bust again today. Wrist is still causing me problems. No word from the Doctor yet, but hopefully today. No way I can do any curls, even bench press may be an issue. So sucks as I was looking to work in some new exercises but don't think the wrist will take it. Just have to keep doing the best I can I guess.

Eating was clean. Ran it through my log on prevention and tracking along. 1679 cal 50-33-17 for the break down.

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