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Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 44

Week 7 Day 2

Went down to pay my Doc a visit regarding my wrist as it is just not getting better. After playing with it for awhile, doesn't think it is tendonitis. Sending me for xrays and a blood test.

Cardio day and had a fantastic run. Broke the 2.2mile mark in my 20 min HIIT. Not sure if it is obtainable, but shooting for 2.5m in 20 mins for the end of this challenge. Just have to keep pushing myself beyond what I think I can do.

Eating was clean with no cravings. Starting running my meals through the Prevention food log again to track my calories and their breakdowns. The avg for the last week was 1700 cal, 49% protein, 33% carbs (21g of fiber) 18% fats. Pretty much right where I want them. Not quite the 40/40/20 split as talked about in the BFL book, but this is the breakdown I found successful for my first challenge. Each meal is around 300 cal. Breakfast and my 6th is a bit smaller at ~250 and my 3rd and 5th (lunch and dinner) around 320.

After this 12 weeks is done, I may tweak things a bit and shoot for the 40/40/20 for a couple weeks to a month and track the results.

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