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Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 41

Week 6 Days 6-7

So here we are 1/2 way through the challenge already. Hard to believe. Time is just a flying. Little disappointed in my weigh in this morning. Those 5 lost days = no weight loss on the scale. I happened to weigh in on Wed last week at 207lbs and this morning 207lbs. I guess on the bright side no weight gain either. It was unavoidable, but still kinda bummed. I was targeting 204-205 for my 1/2 way mark which would have me on track for 185lbs for my finish weight. I think the big cause of not losing was not so much what I ate during those days, but what I drank.

I am skipping free day today. Not having those extra couple pounds to shed after free day should help catch up a bit. Just because it interested me, I have tracked the free day results over a couple weeks. My free day is Friday. Weighing in after free day usually resulted in a scale weight of 4-6lbs more than my Friday morning end of week weigh in. By Mon or Tues morning I was back to my pre free day weight, then continue to drop through to Friday morning. Consistently 1.5-2lbs every week. So this week with skipping the free meal and a couple beers it will be interesting to see the results. I tend to counsel people who live and die by the scale to not weigh in as it seems to really affect them emotionally. For myself, I have gotten past that. I look at it in a more scientific way. I find it interesting to see how small tweaks change my results.

Anyways, Cardio day yesterday. I was really motivated to finish the abbreviated week strong. Upped my Lv9 intensity to 8.5mph and really pushed it hard. Finished my 20min HIIT with a record distance of 2.19miles. Continued on with a light jog to 2.5 miles at the 23:25 min mark. Cut it back to a walk, then decided to ramp it back up and see what kind of time I could put out for a full 5k (3.1miles). I really have no idea where I found the juice to do it. Physically I was exhausted and being LBWO was yesterday, my legs were pretty gassed. But, the power of the mind is amazing. Dug deep and pushed it. Hit 5k at 27mins 42sec. Man was I pumped.

So, it's not free day today. ;). The sun is shinning and it's Friday. Great combination! The plan is to eat clean like a normal day. I did buy myself a protein bar for my 3pm meal to combat any cravings for sweets. Going to do 30mins of a just a easy jog this afternoon and if the weather holds maybe a nice easy bike ride for 5k or so, we'll see how the legs hold up.

On a great note, I have officially run out of "goal clothes". Spent some time this morning going through the closet trying on clothes from where I started last July down to what I used to consider my "skinny clothes". I find it so hard to believe I used to wear those 42 jeans and they were tight.

The last semi goal pieces of clothing I had were a pair of dress pants and a couple Tshirts that were still kinda tight after my first challenge. They have gone from little tight, to fitting, to loose over the last 6 weeks.

Still a ways to go to reach my final goals, but more than ever it feels like it is with in reach. So very excited to see what happens over the next 6 weeks and beyond. I'm looking forward to not just the pictures in May at the end of this 12 weeks, but taking some shots on July 24th, the 1 year anniversary of my journey to a fitter me.

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