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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 40

Week 6 Day 5

LBWO day. Like yesterday's run, it felt great to get back in the gym and move some weight. Gym was quiet and got on the smith machine for some killer squats. Finished with leg press for the super set. Man, my quads felt like jello afterwards. Upped my weight on all lifts for every muscle group. Up to 230lbs for 6 reps on my calve raises and 180lbs x6 for my squats.

Worked in my incline situps between squat sets and swiss ball crunches in between my calve sets. Finished my abs off with 3 sets of my normal ab routine - Leg up crunches,oblique crunches and leg lifts.

All in all a great workout. Got a good sweat going and really felt like I pushed hard.

Got my 6 clean meals in, hello chicken breasts, I did miss you. I wouldn't be surprised if my poster isn't hanging in every chicken farm in the area. Honestly a little surprised by how much I missed my BFL routine considering it was only 5 or so days. Feeling very motivated to make up for that lost time .

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