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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 39

Week 6 Day 4

Wow the last week has been something else. Last Wednesday on the way to the gym I got a phone call from my sister that my 96 year old Grandma had been admitted to hospital and the Doctor's outlook wasn't good. Basically the call was get your ass here as fast as you can. So headed to Chilliwack, normally about a 3hr drive away. Made it in 2hrs 15mins. She was till hanging in when I got there thank god. Over the next couple hrs, to the doctor's amazement she kept getting stronger. We had family flying in from Ontario the next day, everyone just hoping she would hang in until they got there.

Long story short, she just kept getting stronger. By Friday (after a couple nights of me and my sister sitting bedside through the night) the Docs told us she was out of danger for now and stable. What a relief. In the end spent 5 days down there with what turned into an impromptu family reunion. Being the chef in the family I did a whole lot of cooking let me tell you. 3 meals a day for 15-22 people.

Missed 4 workouts which sucked and while I made an effort to stay away from the junk as much as possible, didn't get my 6 meals in each day. Also drank to much wine. So the week was pretty much a write off. Happily when I got home and weighed in on Tuesday morning, hadn't derailed myself to bad. No more weight gain than a normal free day would have given me, but losing that week has probably made breaking 200lbs by week 8 a long shot.Also, all that chopping and cooking aggravated my wrist injury.

Back into the routine yesterday. Had a fantastic run. New distance record in my 20min HIIT and 2.85miles for the 30mins including cooldown. Felt great to get on the tready and forget about everything else for a 1/2hr. As much as I hated losing that time, it seems my body is thankful for the rest. I had been struggling a bit before this all happened, feeling a bit tired and beat up. Yesterday, felt very fresh and strong during my run.

Feeling much better and more energetic this morning as well after a couple good night sleeps in my own bed and getting all my water and 6 clean meals.

Going to pass on my free day this Friday to try and get back on track for my goals. No free meals and going to work in a cardio session instead of taking the day off. Will make for a long week next week, but I had a good break so shouldn't be an issue.

On a very positive note, because I left in such a hurry I really didn't pack for such an extended stay. Much to my surprise, I was able to borrow some clothes from my Brother-in-law and they fit. I couldn't believe it! Grabbed a coat of his size medium and bam! fit no problem! What a great feeling!

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