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Thursday, April 14, 2011

BFL Group bites the dust

Well, looks like the Feb28th group is down to two people now, me being one, who are still going strong. Kinda sad, but not unexpected. There is a reason 5% or so of those who start the challenge finish it. Takes a lot of mental toughness to complete.

Sadly I have also noticed many of the long time members of the forum seem to be drifting away as well. Oh well. 5 weeks left in this cycle for me, glad this blog, my own motivation and the support of my family,friends is all I need.

Already looking ahead to what I will do after this cycle is done. Not going to turn my back on the nutrition aspect or way of eating, but I am going to explore new training methods. I don't want to be one of those guys that looks strong, but isn't.

I'm going to set some new goals and pursue some real strength training. Stumbled onto a web site called and downloaded the ebook. Some very interesting stuff about how to achieve real strength. Basic barbell compound lifts that are tried and true for over 60 years. Bench press, deep squats, deadlifts,barbell rows and over head press. No curls or tricep extensions or any other isolation exercise. Just old fashioned power lifts to gain strength.

Looking forward to getting started on it. Over the next 5 weeks I have left in this cycle, I am going to incorporate these exercises into my BFL routines and work on practicing my form.

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