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Monday, March 28, 2011

Days 28,29,30

Week 4 Free Day,

Enjoyed my free day on Friday and very happy with myself. Cleanest free day so far this challenge. Still felt like I quieted my cravings but didn't over do it. The body sure needed the day off from the gym. I remember from my first challenge that it was around this time that my body started to feel a little beat up. Man I wish I was 25 again. I feel like a new man compared to this time last year, but the realities of 38 kinda suck. The old bod just does not recover near as fast as it did back then.

Week 5 Days 1 and 2

Start of the second month. Had a great UBWO on saturday. Gym was so nice and quiet. Only like 4 people over on the weight side. The wrist is still bothering me a bit. Felt not to bad prior to my workout but was damn sore by the end. Going to have to tape it up for extra support I think. Pushed up my weight on the bent over rows and think I have it dialed in now for that exercise. Switched to decline press from flies for the second exercise on chest. On a good note the shoulder seems to be full healed. Not having any pain doing shoulder presses.

Cardio yesterday. Solid run right on my best distance for my HIIT. Improved to 2.75 miles over the 20 min HIIT and 10 min cool down. Part of me wonders if I really am pushing as hard as I can during the HIIT. It feels like it, but after 2-3mins of walking after wards I can push it up to a jog again. So not sure If it's a matter of not pushing hard enough or just a fact that I am constantly getting in better shape so that I can recover faster.

Eating was good and clean this weekend. I did have a protein bar yesterday afternoon which I haven't in awhile. But, it did the job. Settled a sweets craving I was having while still providing the nutrients I needed.

All in all a good start to the week.

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