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Monday, March 21, 2011

Days 21,22,23

Week 3 day 7 Week 4 Days 1 &2

Had a great weekend. My sister and brother-in law were in town. So great to see them. Took my free day food wise on Saturday. Had a couple drinks but overall kept the food in good control. Went out for dinner and had burger and ceasar salad.

Enjoyed my day of rest on Friday from the gym. Hit it hard Saturday morning with a good LBWO. I love going to the gym on the weekend mornings, so nice a quiet. Have my choice of equipment. So, got on the smith machine for squats and calve raises. Upped my weights on squats and really concentrated on good form. Nice and deep. Really felt it after.

Had a good run yesterday. Not quite my best but happy with it, especially considering I was out the night before. Worked up a really good sweat.

All in all a great weekend. Felt good to be able to easily find that balance of this challenge and living life. Looking forward to a strong focused week. UBWO today, always my favorite.

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