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Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 6

Week 1 Day 6

End of the first week. I forgot how fast time flies doing this. Finished with a pretty good run. Not my best ever but pretty solid.

Weigh in this morning 213.6. Down 6 lbs from start weight. My start weight was a bit skewed as it came after 2 straight weeks of being sick with no exercise. Also I knew I was starting the program on Saturday last week, so Friday had a bit of a no holds barred free day ;). Even so, solid start to the Challenge. I know this challenge is going to be harder than the first to shed the pounds.

I haven't been below 200lbs for 20 years. Even in my 20's when I was in pretty good shape I was around 205lbs. I lost what I call the easy fat in the first challenge. I was so overweight that even a moderate change in diet and exercise would have sparked results. To hit my goals this time I am really going to have to push myself but I also have the advantage of experience. I've done this before, I know what foods to avoid and what my portion sizes are.

I'm very happy that it appears I have another great group of people to correspond with on for this challenge. I hope that more of them stick it out than my last group that started huge and ended up with around 4-5 of us that made it to the end.

Weekend Ho!

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