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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 32

Week 5 Day4

Cardio day. Had a fantastic run yesterday afternoon. Really pushed it hard and slightly beat my best time. I find I am recovering much faster now than I was previous. My heart rate gets up nice and high, especially in the last interval set, but within a min drops right back down to just moderate. Within a minute of that last interval and pushing for my 10 I am my breathing is back to almost normal.

I pushed my interval speeds to the following this week

Lv 6 5mph
LV 7 6.5mph
Lv 8 7mph
Lv 9 8mph
Lv10 10mph

One more run this week where I will leave it there, then push them up a bit again next week. Just trying to decide where to put the increase. Do I up the interval speeds or slightly increase my L6 speed.

Eating was clean again. It's a good thing I like chicken breasts. Happy with myself this week. I've increased my veggie intake to where it probably should have been all along. Cutting out starchy carbs pretty much completely now outside my oatmeal for breaky. Eating fruit for my carbs and lots of veggies.

It really feels like I have conquered my food demons over the last 8-9 months. While I still enjoy my free day goodies they are a reward for hard work. It's taken awhile to really get to the point where food=fuel. To put behind me the boredom food and emotional food.

Heading out of town this weekend. It's my niece and nephews 18th birthdays. Need to figure out my plan. The party is Saturday night so I will take my free day then. Just have to organize my workouts. I can do my run on Sunday when I get home. All depends on when we are going to hit the road. If we go Saturday I may get up early and hit the gym for my LWBO before. Big chunk of the family haven't seen me since I finished my first cycle. So kinda excited in that regard.

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