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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 31

Week 5 Day 3

LBWO day. Hit the gym but sadly couldn't get on the squat rack. Did leg press instead. Was quite happy with the leg strength increase over the last month. In between challenges I was doing leg press when I actually did a leg day (which was few). When I got on there yesterday I decided to really push it and see what i could do. Topped out at 650lbs for my 6 rep set just over 100lbs better than what I was doing. Finished with my 12 rep set at 500lbs which was my close to my 6 rep set previously. Then jumped on the leg extension machine for my 2nd exercise and pounded out 12 @ 160lbs, way better than previous. It was hard and my legs are feeling it this morning, but what a great feeling to see the increase in strength. Made Cathy laugh last night as I would flex my legs at her as I walked by.

Eating was clean. Really enjoying having some cantalope as my carb with my 5th meal instead of a starch like rice or a sweet potato. Gives me that feeling having a desert and really cuts out any sweets cravings in the evenings.

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