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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 3

Week 1 Day 3

Great LBWO yesterday. Really pushed my legs for the first time in quite awhile. During the time between my first challenge and starting this one, if there was a work out I would skip it was legs. Not sure why but that's how it went. So, I had the jello legs for sure after yesterday's workout and sitting here this morning I can sure tell I worked them hard. Which is fantastic!

Had my 6 clean meals, surprisingly no real cravings for sugar at all, which is always my weakness.

It's one thing I love about this 12 week program. For some reason when I get on it and do the things that set me up for success, write in my blog, do my food diary and post on, mentally I just get in the zone. Where during the time I'm not on the challenge I give into temptation at times, when I am I can just flick that switch and say no. My will power seems so much higher when I have my goals set, know Cathy will be taking my measurements every week etc.

Looking forward to my run this afternoon. Yeah, I know from experience it is going to be a struggle with the post LBWO legs. But, it's all part of it. Pushing through that and still reaching for my 10's!

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