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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DAy 24

Week 4 Day 3

UBWO day. Had a sore wrist all day, not sure why don't remember doing anything to it. Still had a great workout. Upped my weights on bench,shoulder press and tricep pull downs. Still fine tuning in my weights for the barbell rows for my back. Went Walmart and bought a pair of these for a whopping $3.00.

The BFL routine is great for many things, but it does seem to kinda miss some of the smaller muscle groups. Want to increase my forearm/wrist/grip strength. So figure a couple of sets of these every night while watching TV should fit the bill.

Eating was clean. Not even having cravings anymore. Lots of energy and sleeping great. Spring is finally here so time to start my morning jog with the pooch again. Nothing crazy 2-3Kms at a easy pace. First month almost in the books. Looking forward to measurements and 4 week pics.

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