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Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 20

Week 3 Day 6

Cardio day and last workout of week3. Usually the last workout of the week I'm pretty pumped to give it my all and finish the week on a high note. Yesterday not so much. Just couldn't find that extra gear for the last interval. But on the other hand I'm also a bit confused why I was berating myself last night about it. Hit 3.30KM in my 20mins which,prior to starting this cycle, would have been a personal best and still probably in my top 3-4 runs.

So why be upset? I've been thinking it over during my coffee this morning trying to figure that out. I guess in the end, I was/am disappointed with myself for just not being able to push through and beat my previous best. Since starting this second cycle I have been able to achieve that mental state needed to really push myself and yesterday I didn't. It bothers me because "ok" isn't good enough.

If I want to reach my goals I need to toss ok out the window. Am I being to hard on myself?Maybe? But no on else is going to do it. I've watched Biggest Loser in the past and thought many a time, man it would be nice to have Gillian yelling in my ear and pushing me. How much easier would it be to have that kinda motivator. But in the end, does having that really help a person? If you need a Gillian to motivate yourself to push beyond your preconceived limits, what are you going to do when you don't have her?

Anyways, week 3 in the books. Weigh in this morning 209.8lbs. 10lbs down in 3 weeks. Not to shabby. Nice to break out of the teens for sure. If everything keeps on should break 200lbs around week 8. Very excited about that. Been a long long long time since I have been under 200lbs.

Free day today. Need to do a better job of not over doing it. First two free days I have not been happy with my self control and I think it is holding me back a bit on the weight loss. Both weeks it has taken me until Tuesday to get back to pre-free day weight.

Need to do better today.

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