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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 19

Week 3 Day 5

UBWO yesterday. GYm was surprisingly not busy when I got there, which was nice. Got on the bench press for a change. Why my gym only has one is beyond me. By the time I was 1/2 way through the gym had filled up again and had to improvise and switch up the routine based on available equipment. Overall a great workout. Making constant progress in shoulders now that the injury has healed and finally seeing some gains in biceps.

It's kinda funny watching different people doing curls. You can tell the experienced lifters from the new people pretty easily. The experienced guys are lifting lighter than you would think by looking at them, but with perfect form. Elbows tight, no body movement, slow up and slow down. The newbies or young guys just trying to show off are lifting heavy, but with horrible form. Swinging their bodies to get get the weight up, elbows moving all over the place.

Eating has been good all week. No slips. Have cut out pretty much all starch carbs this week. No pasta,rice,bread or sweet potatoes. Getting my carbs mostly from fruits and veggies. About the only starch I have had have been these great bagels Cathy found at the store. Really thin, imagine a bagel with the middle cut out so it is about as think as a slice of bread. 160 cal, 25g of carbs, low fat, low sodium and lots of fiber. Makes for a nice chicken breast or tuna sandwhich for lunch.

All in all a very positive week. Clothes are getting looser, making gains in strength and cardio and not having any craving issues. One more run today to close out this week. Hard to believe end of next week is a month down already.

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