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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 18

Week3 Day 4

Cardio day. Decided to hit the gym for my run instead of my treadmill at home. Found at all treadmills are not the same.My Tread at home is in miles, the one at the gym in Kms. I knew that and converted the interval speeds accordingly. So I found it a bit odd that it seemed harder on the tread at the gym than mine at home. I really had to push to use the same speeds. No incline on either so that wasn't the issue. IDK, not really complaining, had a great workout, was sweating buckets and really had that "hit my 10" feeling after wards. The last time I ran at the gym prior to buying a home treadmill in Dec, my best there was 3.20kms in my HIIT session. Hit 3.45kms yesterday, so either way great improvement.

Eating was fine. Cutting out the protein bars for a couple weeks. Sticking to shakes and whole foods.

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