Strong Lifts 5x5

Started April 28 on Stronglifts 5x5. Old school strength training that gets results.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 12

Week 2 Day 5

LBWO yesterday. Good lifts. Upped my weights on both the leg press and leg extensions for the super set. Little disappointed I couldn't get on the squat rack for my calves. Had to use dubbells, which is fine, just feel like I can give them a better workout the other way.

Hit he abs hard again. Leg up crunchs, twisting crunchs for the obliques and leg lifts. Followed the BFL pyramid except each "set" included all three exercises x the number of reps. Was quite a workout, first time abs have had me sweating. Think I will stick with that routine for a couple weeks.

Leg Up Crunch
Twisting Crunches
Lying Leg Raise (I do it just on the mat)

Eating was fine. No cravings. Got my 6 clean in with lots of water. Got that old energy level back. I hope the weather turns soon. Just sitting around in the evening is starting to bore me. Feel like I should be up and doing something, going for a walk or bike ride. Find I don't really relax until 1hr or so before bed when I have my last meal. Then my body seems to relax. I sure don't have any issues falling asleep. 5mins after my head hits the pillow I am out. But the evenings, man I can't wait for spring.

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