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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 11

Week 2 Day 4

Cardio day yesterday. Upped my low point interval speed by .5mph and really pushed in the last 5 min set to reach 2.11 miles or 3.4kms in 20 mins. A new personal best! I'm sure that on Thursday I can improve on that. Finding a groove in my running again, hitting that spot in the last set where I am running on mind power not muscle power.

Starting to realize the plateaus I was stuck on in both weights and cardio were self imposed. That it was my mind telling me I was pushing as hard as I could. Funny how the mind can kinda play tricks like that. My conscious mind want's to be in the best shape of my life for by 39th B-day. My subconscious mind seems to love telling me hey that's good enough. You ran hard, worked up a good sweat. I'm onto your games brain, just know that I'm watching you.

Had a food gut check last night. The wife brought home some little twinke like cakes for her sister. Those devilish things sat on the counter all night calling to me. Found myself rationalizing "oh one bite won't hurt anything". Reality, it probably won't. Other reality, it won't do anything to help me reach my goals either. Pulled out my motivation card and walked away from them. Very proud of myself to turn away from the temptation. Added them to my Friday list, we will see if I still want them come Friday.

So after beating back the twinkie demon, got my 6 clean meals in with lots of water. Energy levels nice and high, sleeping like a baby at night.

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