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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 10

Week 2 Day 3

UBWO yesterday. Was very much looking forward to it as I only get one this week. Did some research and picked a couple new exercises for my back and shoulders.

Bent over Barbell rows for my back

and Arnold Press for my shoulders.

Feeling that this morning for sure! Got to keep shaking things up! Also tried some new ab exercises. Feet up crunchs and side planks. I will say, side planks and regular planks are about 10 million times harder than they look.

Busted a plateau on dumbell curls yesterday which felt great. One thing I have found doing the BFL routine is by the time I get to biceps, they have gotten so much work with the rest of the upper body they are pretty burnt. Its is the one muscle group that on their own I have seen the least gain in. By that I mean the weights have not gone up as much as other body parts. Now I know they are way stronger than they were and because of the work they get doing other body parts and I can't just judge on the isolation sets alone. That said it was a huge pump to see an increase yesterday with hitting 35lbs for my 6 rep set and 25lbs for the last set of 12 curls and 12 hammer curls.

Eating was by the book 6 clean. Drank lots of water. HIIT cardio today. Gotta shoot for another record!

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