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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 32

Week 5 Day4

Cardio day. Had a fantastic run yesterday afternoon. Really pushed it hard and slightly beat my best time. I find I am recovering much faster now than I was previous. My heart rate gets up nice and high, especially in the last interval set, but within a min drops right back down to just moderate. Within a minute of that last interval and pushing for my 10 I am my breathing is back to almost normal.

I pushed my interval speeds to the following this week

Lv 6 5mph
LV 7 6.5mph
Lv 8 7mph
Lv 9 8mph
Lv10 10mph

One more run this week where I will leave it there, then push them up a bit again next week. Just trying to decide where to put the increase. Do I up the interval speeds or slightly increase my L6 speed.

Eating was clean again. It's a good thing I like chicken breasts. Happy with myself this week. I've increased my veggie intake to where it probably should have been all along. Cutting out starchy carbs pretty much completely now outside my oatmeal for breaky. Eating fruit for my carbs and lots of veggies.

It really feels like I have conquered my food demons over the last 8-9 months. While I still enjoy my free day goodies they are a reward for hard work. It's taken awhile to really get to the point where food=fuel. To put behind me the boredom food and emotional food.

Heading out of town this weekend. It's my niece and nephews 18th birthdays. Need to figure out my plan. The party is Saturday night so I will take my free day then. Just have to organize my workouts. I can do my run on Sunday when I get home. All depends on when we are going to hit the road. If we go Saturday I may get up early and hit the gym for my LWBO before. Big chunk of the family haven't seen me since I finished my first cycle. So kinda excited in that regard.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 31

Week 5 Day 3

LBWO day. Hit the gym but sadly couldn't get on the squat rack. Did leg press instead. Was quite happy with the leg strength increase over the last month. In between challenges I was doing leg press when I actually did a leg day (which was few). When I got on there yesterday I decided to really push it and see what i could do. Topped out at 650lbs for my 6 rep set just over 100lbs better than what I was doing. Finished with my 12 rep set at 500lbs which was my close to my 6 rep set previously. Then jumped on the leg extension machine for my 2nd exercise and pounded out 12 @ 160lbs, way better than previous. It was hard and my legs are feeling it this morning, but what a great feeling to see the increase in strength. Made Cathy laugh last night as I would flex my legs at her as I walked by.

Eating was clean. Really enjoying having some cantalope as my carb with my 5th meal instead of a starch like rice or a sweet potato. Gives me that feeling having a desert and really cuts out any sweets cravings in the evenings.

Thoughts on the Weight loss industry.

Gym was a bit busier again now that spring break is over but not to bad. Almost 4 months since the influx of New Years resolutioners back in Jan. Like most people, best of intentions but lost interest or motivation pretty shortly. So, overall the gym is getting back to normal levels.

I often wonder how many of the people that flood gyms each Jan in the best intentions of getting in shape are still going 3 months later. I know in the past I have been one of those people. I also wonder how many gyms would be able to stay in business without those people. Every year thousands and thousands of people join a gym, go for a month or two, then end up continuing to pay monthly fees for a service they no longer use. We all know how gyms set up memberships and how hard and costly it can be to cancel, especially if you signed for a multi year program to get a better monthly rate.

They play on our own mind tricks. You want to get in shape, but stop going to the gym after a month or two. At the same time, keep paying in the weird hope that by maintaining and paying for a gym membership it will motivate you to go.

In many ways it makes me mad. There are so many ways various companies prey on overweight people's desire to lose weight. Those infomercials with the latest "ab roller" gadget guaranteed to give you the rock hard 6 pack of the model in 20 easy mins 3x a week. The magic pills, fad diets etc etc. Weight loss is a mutli billion dollar business and for all those billions of dollars spent, North America gets fatter and fatter every year.

The problem with these weight loss companies is that it is not in their financial interest for you to be successful long term. They are structured in such a way that you can lose weight on them, but once you are "done" the weight comes right back over a period of time. Prompting you to go back on their program and pay to lose the same 20lbs over and over and over.

I know I shouldn't be, but I am amazed at the comments and questions I get about my own weight loss. Many friends,customers and acquaintances have asked me how I lost the weight that I have. Weight watchers or Atkins they ask me. Or what pill,/drug etc I used. It seriously astounds me that almost to a one, none of their first thoughts was simply exercise and proper nutrition. It is such a testament to our culture. Quick fixes please, the less effort the better.

So, I find myself in a position of being a outspoken fitness advocate. Which coming from where I was not even a year ago is surreal. I explain no magic pill gave me an 100% increase in strength, no diet plan increased my cardio to the levels it is at today. I of course tell them about the BFL challenge, but also things like PX90 or Tom Venuto's "Burn the fat feed the muscle program".

Along with the fitness I explain you can't out exercise poor eating habits. Encourage them to really educate themselves on proper nutrition. It's funny, I have a friends wife who lost a significant amount of weight on Atkins last year, which while good for her only made my buddy increasingly cranky from carb withdrawl. I talk to her about Atkins and ask her if it helped her fitness at all. Can she run a continuous mile? Well no, but look how much weight I lost. That's great, but physically you are not in much better shape than you were 40lbs heavier. Already she is putting on the weight she lost.Long term a low carb diet is almost impossible to maintain when you add to that the fact that she probably lost a significant amount of lean muscle, it makes keeping the weight off even harder. She is firmly in the clutches of YO YO dieting.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Days 28,29,30

Week 4 Free Day,

Enjoyed my free day on Friday and very happy with myself. Cleanest free day so far this challenge. Still felt like I quieted my cravings but didn't over do it. The body sure needed the day off from the gym. I remember from my first challenge that it was around this time that my body started to feel a little beat up. Man I wish I was 25 again. I feel like a new man compared to this time last year, but the realities of 38 kinda suck. The old bod just does not recover near as fast as it did back then.

Week 5 Days 1 and 2

Start of the second month. Had a great UBWO on saturday. Gym was so nice and quiet. Only like 4 people over on the weight side. The wrist is still bothering me a bit. Felt not to bad prior to my workout but was damn sore by the end. Going to have to tape it up for extra support I think. Pushed up my weight on the bent over rows and think I have it dialed in now for that exercise. Switched to decline press from flies for the second exercise on chest. On a good note the shoulder seems to be full healed. Not having any pain doing shoulder presses.

Cardio yesterday. Solid run right on my best distance for my HIIT. Improved to 2.75 miles over the 20 min HIIT and 10 min cool down. Part of me wonders if I really am pushing as hard as I can during the HIIT. It feels like it, but after 2-3mins of walking after wards I can push it up to a jog again. So not sure If it's a matter of not pushing hard enough or just a fact that I am constantly getting in better shape so that I can recover faster.

Eating was good and clean this weekend. I did have a protein bar yesterday afternoon which I haven't in awhile. But, it did the job. Settled a sweets craving I was having while still providing the nutrients I needed.

All in all a good start to the week.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 27

Week 4 Day 6

End of another week and the first month of this challenge. Cardio day and when I stepped on the treadmill I was really lacking the motivation. Started my run and by the end of the first interval set my mind was already playing the "man you worked hard enough this week" card. Really had to dig down to find the mental state I needed. Happily I managed to find it and finished of the week with a great run. Right on my best distance and really felt like I hit my 10.

Weigh in this morning. 208.5 lbs. Down 1.3lbs, which is under the 2lbs per week I look for but I have to accept that as I get closer to my goal weight, the harder it is going to be. Also have to recognize that I took my free day one day later than normal and had more than a few drinks that night, which I normally would not do. Booze and weight loss do not go hand in hand.

So, it is what it is. 11 lbs down in the first month. More importantly, seeing gains in my strength and cardio and losing inches. Clothes getting looser again. All in all a great first month. My motivation remains high and my resolve like iron. I will hit my goals, there is no other option!

Free day today and it will be pretty clean as penance for over doing the booze last week.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Days 25 & 26

Week 3 Days 4 and 5

Had a great run on Day 25 pretty much right on my personal best. Went out for lunch with some family but made sure to pick a good menu choice and avoid the fries,burgers etc.

Very good LBWO yesterday. Loving spring break, the gym has been quite slow. Did my squats and calves. While I was doing that, the staff wheeled in a new hammy curl machine. Finally! Previously the only hammy curl machine they had was over in the circuit and was hard to get on. They got it set up just as I finished my calves and went to ham strings, so that worked out well.

Eating has been fine, had some chocolate cravings but nothing to bad. Just added it to my list for Friday.

Wrist is still a bit sore but not as bad as it was. Couple more days to rest it before UBWO on Sat, so hopefully it will be fine by then.

Little sadden by the group on the BFL website for this challenge. It wasn't big to being with but now only about 4 posters still updating on their challenge regularly. Just goes to show how mentally hard it is to really cross that abyss and make the lifestyle changes needed to stick with the challenge.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DAy 24

Week 4 Day 3

UBWO day. Had a sore wrist all day, not sure why don't remember doing anything to it. Still had a great workout. Upped my weights on bench,shoulder press and tricep pull downs. Still fine tuning in my weights for the barbell rows for my back. Went Walmart and bought a pair of these for a whopping $3.00.

The BFL routine is great for many things, but it does seem to kinda miss some of the smaller muscle groups. Want to increase my forearm/wrist/grip strength. So figure a couple of sets of these every night while watching TV should fit the bill.

Eating was clean. Not even having cravings anymore. Lots of energy and sleeping great. Spring is finally here so time to start my morning jog with the pooch again. Nothing crazy 2-3Kms at a easy pace. First month almost in the books. Looking forward to measurements and 4 week pics.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Days 21,22,23

Week 3 day 7 Week 4 Days 1 &2

Had a great weekend. My sister and brother-in law were in town. So great to see them. Took my free day food wise on Saturday. Had a couple drinks but overall kept the food in good control. Went out for dinner and had burger and ceasar salad.

Enjoyed my day of rest on Friday from the gym. Hit it hard Saturday morning with a good LBWO. I love going to the gym on the weekend mornings, so nice a quiet. Have my choice of equipment. So, got on the smith machine for squats and calve raises. Upped my weights on squats and really concentrated on good form. Nice and deep. Really felt it after.

Had a good run yesterday. Not quite my best but happy with it, especially considering I was out the night before. Worked up a really good sweat.

All in all a great weekend. Felt good to be able to easily find that balance of this challenge and living life. Looking forward to a strong focused week. UBWO today, always my favorite.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 20

Week 3 Day 6

Cardio day and last workout of week3. Usually the last workout of the week I'm pretty pumped to give it my all and finish the week on a high note. Yesterday not so much. Just couldn't find that extra gear for the last interval. But on the other hand I'm also a bit confused why I was berating myself last night about it. Hit 3.30KM in my 20mins which,prior to starting this cycle, would have been a personal best and still probably in my top 3-4 runs.

So why be upset? I've been thinking it over during my coffee this morning trying to figure that out. I guess in the end, I was/am disappointed with myself for just not being able to push through and beat my previous best. Since starting this second cycle I have been able to achieve that mental state needed to really push myself and yesterday I didn't. It bothers me because "ok" isn't good enough.

If I want to reach my goals I need to toss ok out the window. Am I being to hard on myself?Maybe? But no on else is going to do it. I've watched Biggest Loser in the past and thought many a time, man it would be nice to have Gillian yelling in my ear and pushing me. How much easier would it be to have that kinda motivator. But in the end, does having that really help a person? If you need a Gillian to motivate yourself to push beyond your preconceived limits, what are you going to do when you don't have her?

Anyways, week 3 in the books. Weigh in this morning 209.8lbs. 10lbs down in 3 weeks. Not to shabby. Nice to break out of the teens for sure. If everything keeps on should break 200lbs around week 8. Very excited about that. Been a long long long time since I have been under 200lbs.

Free day today. Need to do a better job of not over doing it. First two free days I have not been happy with my self control and I think it is holding me back a bit on the weight loss. Both weeks it has taken me until Tuesday to get back to pre-free day weight.

Need to do better today.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 19

Week 3 Day 5

UBWO yesterday. GYm was surprisingly not busy when I got there, which was nice. Got on the bench press for a change. Why my gym only has one is beyond me. By the time I was 1/2 way through the gym had filled up again and had to improvise and switch up the routine based on available equipment. Overall a great workout. Making constant progress in shoulders now that the injury has healed and finally seeing some gains in biceps.

It's kinda funny watching different people doing curls. You can tell the experienced lifters from the new people pretty easily. The experienced guys are lifting lighter than you would think by looking at them, but with perfect form. Elbows tight, no body movement, slow up and slow down. The newbies or young guys just trying to show off are lifting heavy, but with horrible form. Swinging their bodies to get get the weight up, elbows moving all over the place.

Eating has been good all week. No slips. Have cut out pretty much all starch carbs this week. No pasta,rice,bread or sweet potatoes. Getting my carbs mostly from fruits and veggies. About the only starch I have had have been these great bagels Cathy found at the store. Really thin, imagine a bagel with the middle cut out so it is about as think as a slice of bread. 160 cal, 25g of carbs, low fat, low sodium and lots of fiber. Makes for a nice chicken breast or tuna sandwhich for lunch.

All in all a very positive week. Clothes are getting looser, making gains in strength and cardio and not having any craving issues. One more run today to close out this week. Hard to believe end of next week is a month down already.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 18

Week3 Day 4

Cardio day. Decided to hit the gym for my run instead of my treadmill at home. Found at all treadmills are not the same.My Tread at home is in miles, the one at the gym in Kms. I knew that and converted the interval speeds accordingly. So I found it a bit odd that it seemed harder on the tread at the gym than mine at home. I really had to push to use the same speeds. No incline on either so that wasn't the issue. IDK, not really complaining, had a great workout, was sweating buckets and really had that "hit my 10" feeling after wards. The last time I ran at the gym prior to buying a home treadmill in Dec, my best there was 3.20kms in my HIIT session. Hit 3.45kms yesterday, so either way great improvement.

Eating was fine. Cutting out the protein bars for a couple weeks. Sticking to shakes and whole foods.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 17

Week 3 Day 3

LBWO yesterday. Was ok but not great. Had a headache when I got to the gym. Pushed through it to get my workout done but not able to put out my best effort.

My sister and her hubby are coming to visit this weekend, so moving my free day to Saturday, food wise anyways. I'll still take Friday off the gym.

Eating no problems. Need to plan a bit better but getting my 6 clean meals in. Other than the headache yesterday, feeling great. Clothes getting a bit looser, lots of energy. Spring seems to finally be in the air. Looking forward to some warmer weather and getting out for my walks with the pooch and bike rides in the evening.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 16

Week 3 day 2

Cardio day yesterday. Had a great run, new best of 2.2m in 20. Felt like I could have even pushed a bit harder.

Time change has me all messed up. Had to force myself to eat at my normal times even though everything was an hr earlier than normal. Oh well I'm sure it will only be or a day or two.

No deep thoughts or much to write today. Monday blahs.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 15

Week 2 Day 7

Had a good free day on Friday. Didn't go overboard on the food. Had a couple slices of pizza for dinner and man did it make me feel like crap after. Its amazing how quickly your body gets used to clean eats and how badly it can react to high fat and salt food like pizza. Did get out for a nice long walk with the pooch.

Week 3 Day 1

UBWO yesterday. Good workout especially arms and shoulders. Hit my 10's there. Doing bent over rows for back and its funny, while doing them I felt like I wasn't pushing enough weight at all, but later on and this morning I sure can feel it. Must be hitting the muscles in a new way.

Ran down to Walmart to buy some more workout clothes. Man did it feel great to bypass the XXLs and XLs I used to always try on first and go right to Larges. Even tried on some mediums and they are very close to fitting. I bought one medium top to use as a goal. I want to be fitting it by week 6 at minimum. I couldn't tell you the last time a medium anything fit me.

This journey isn't a vanity thing for me, it is all health driven, but I can't lie. If feels great to go and try on clothes and see them fit me so much better. Went to Moores as well and tried on a couple suits/sport coats. I hardly recognized myself. Instead of the the big baggy suits I have worn, the ones I tried on were fitted and sleek. Felt like a million bucks.

Obviously not going to drop a couple hundred bucks on new suits right now, not with another 20lbs or so and a couple more pants sizes to drop, but when I get to my goal weight look out credit card!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 13

Week 2 Day 6

Great HIIT run yesterday. Upped the interval speeds again and punched out my best distance yet. 2.15miles. Man if felt great hitting min 19 having already beat my last best. Feels better to be finding that focus again to really push myself.

Weekly weigh in this morning. 211.6 down another 2 lbs last week. Pretty much right on with how my last challenge went. If I can maintain 2lbs a week for the last 10 weeks puts me at 28lbs for the 12 weeks and beyond my target of 195lbs. Wow, feels weird just writing that. 195lbs. I haven't been under 200lbs since probably grade 10-11. Hard to say as I was so ashamed of my weight in high school I rarely ever weighed myself. I don't even know how much I weighed back then. It will be interesting to see how the weight comes off as I approach closer to that goal weight. They always say the last 10lbs are the hardest to lose.

Anyways, it was a great week overall. Had a couple instances of temptations with food and one with skipping a workout and overcame all of them. Cathy again is giving me huge amounts of support and encouragement.

Free day today. Need to do a bit better than last week on keeping things under control and make sure I get out for a nice long walk with the pooch. Weather is finally stating to warm up (fingers crossed).

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 12

Week 2 Day 5

LBWO yesterday. Good lifts. Upped my weights on both the leg press and leg extensions for the super set. Little disappointed I couldn't get on the squat rack for my calves. Had to use dubbells, which is fine, just feel like I can give them a better workout the other way.

Hit he abs hard again. Leg up crunchs, twisting crunchs for the obliques and leg lifts. Followed the BFL pyramid except each "set" included all three exercises x the number of reps. Was quite a workout, first time abs have had me sweating. Think I will stick with that routine for a couple weeks.

Leg Up Crunch
Twisting Crunches
Lying Leg Raise (I do it just on the mat)

Eating was fine. No cravings. Got my 6 clean in with lots of water. Got that old energy level back. I hope the weather turns soon. Just sitting around in the evening is starting to bore me. Feel like I should be up and doing something, going for a walk or bike ride. Find I don't really relax until 1hr or so before bed when I have my last meal. Then my body seems to relax. I sure don't have any issues falling asleep. 5mins after my head hits the pillow I am out. But the evenings, man I can't wait for spring.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 11

Week 2 Day 4

Cardio day yesterday. Upped my low point interval speed by .5mph and really pushed in the last 5 min set to reach 2.11 miles or 3.4kms in 20 mins. A new personal best! I'm sure that on Thursday I can improve on that. Finding a groove in my running again, hitting that spot in the last set where I am running on mind power not muscle power.

Starting to realize the plateaus I was stuck on in both weights and cardio were self imposed. That it was my mind telling me I was pushing as hard as I could. Funny how the mind can kinda play tricks like that. My conscious mind want's to be in the best shape of my life for by 39th B-day. My subconscious mind seems to love telling me hey that's good enough. You ran hard, worked up a good sweat. I'm onto your games brain, just know that I'm watching you.

Had a food gut check last night. The wife brought home some little twinke like cakes for her sister. Those devilish things sat on the counter all night calling to me. Found myself rationalizing "oh one bite won't hurt anything". Reality, it probably won't. Other reality, it won't do anything to help me reach my goals either. Pulled out my motivation card and walked away from them. Very proud of myself to turn away from the temptation. Added them to my Friday list, we will see if I still want them come Friday.

So after beating back the twinkie demon, got my 6 clean meals in with lots of water. Energy levels nice and high, sleeping like a baby at night.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 10

Week 2 Day 3

UBWO yesterday. Was very much looking forward to it as I only get one this week. Did some research and picked a couple new exercises for my back and shoulders.

Bent over Barbell rows for my back

and Arnold Press for my shoulders.

Feeling that this morning for sure! Got to keep shaking things up! Also tried some new ab exercises. Feet up crunchs and side planks. I will say, side planks and regular planks are about 10 million times harder than they look.

Busted a plateau on dumbell curls yesterday which felt great. One thing I have found doing the BFL routine is by the time I get to biceps, they have gotten so much work with the rest of the upper body they are pretty burnt. Its is the one muscle group that on their own I have seen the least gain in. By that I mean the weights have not gone up as much as other body parts. Now I know they are way stronger than they were and because of the work they get doing other body parts and I can't just judge on the isolation sets alone. That said it was a huge pump to see an increase yesterday with hitting 35lbs for my 6 rep set and 25lbs for the last set of 12 curls and 12 hammer curls.

Eating was by the book 6 clean. Drank lots of water. HIIT cardio today. Gotta shoot for another record!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 9

Week2 Day 2

First gut check day of this challenge. Did the normal Sunday chores and such and had a short nap Sunday afternoon. Woke up around 5pm and really didn't feel like doing my HIIT. Just one of those days. Laying there trying to rationalize to myself that missing one workout is not the end of the world. Pulled out the old ace in the hole and focused on my goals and what I want to achieve this cycle. Gave myself a swift kick in the ass, got my workout clothes on and went for my run. Ended up having a great run, set a personal best for distance in the 20mins.

Gotta give it up for the Rocky Theme song once again pushing me through that last min and a half to reach for that 10.

Eating wise everything is going well. Getting my 6 clean in everyday. Sugar cravings are gone. My body is back into the routine in that regards, that sugar is only a Friday thing.

UBWO today, so looking forward to it. Ony get one this week so gotta go hard!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 7 and 8

Week 1 day 7 Week 2 Day 1

Free day yesterday. Not much to report, kept the eating down to 1 free meal and some popcorn. Was nice to get a day of rest for the body.

Had a great LBWO this morning, really pushed things. Legs were jello by the time I was done. Alos had a good ab workout. Lots of incline sit ups and swiis ball crunches in between leg sets.

Did the weekly food shopping and running around. Stocked with lots of approved food for another week.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 6

Week 1 Day 6

End of the first week. I forgot how fast time flies doing this. Finished with a pretty good run. Not my best ever but pretty solid.

Weigh in this morning 213.6. Down 6 lbs from start weight. My start weight was a bit skewed as it came after 2 straight weeks of being sick with no exercise. Also I knew I was starting the program on Saturday last week, so Friday had a bit of a no holds barred free day ;). Even so, solid start to the Challenge. I know this challenge is going to be harder than the first to shed the pounds.

I haven't been below 200lbs for 20 years. Even in my 20's when I was in pretty good shape I was around 205lbs. I lost what I call the easy fat in the first challenge. I was so overweight that even a moderate change in diet and exercise would have sparked results. To hit my goals this time I am really going to have to push myself but I also have the advantage of experience. I've done this before, I know what foods to avoid and what my portion sizes are.

I'm very happy that it appears I have another great group of people to correspond with on for this challenge. I hope that more of them stick it out than my last group that started huge and ended up with around 4-5 of us that made it to the end.

Weekend Ho!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 5

Week 1 day 5

UBWO yesterday. Always my favorite! Had a great workout. Upped my bench press by 10 lbs on the 6 rep set which is always a pump. First time in awhile I was sweating pretty hard by the time I was done. Also did shoulder presses for the first time without pain since injuring myself early in my first 12 week challenge. Felt great to be able to lift and work my shoulders like normal. Getting old sucks. 5months to rehab that injury.

Need to do some research and find some new exercises for back, well really for all my muscle groups I would like to find some new stuff to shake things up.

Eating was good, 6 clean lots of water.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 4

Week 1 Day 4

Cardio time again. Hit the gym very fired up even though my legs were quite sore from yesterday's LBWO. Really want to push through this plateau I have hit in my runs. Don't get me wrong, I still feel like I am hitting a 10 on most runs, but I have been stuck at the 3.3KM in 20 mins for awhile now. So yesterday I was determined to push past that.

Sadly didn't work out so well. Went out way to fast in the first two 5 min intervals and ended up flagging near the end. It was a great workout, I was sweating buckets, but ended up with a worse time than normal. IDK, good thing or bad thing. I think I sure shocked my body into something it hadn't felt for awhile. Maybe I am focusing to much on the distance instead of process. Going to have to let that wash around in my brain for a couple days.

Eating no problem. Got in my 6 clean, lots of water and no cheating. Starting to feel that great boost of energy from eating clean and hitting the gym everyday.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 3

Week 1 Day 3

Great LBWO yesterday. Really pushed my legs for the first time in quite awhile. During the time between my first challenge and starting this one, if there was a work out I would skip it was legs. Not sure why but that's how it went. So, I had the jello legs for sure after yesterday's workout and sitting here this morning I can sure tell I worked them hard. Which is fantastic!

Had my 6 clean meals, surprisingly no real cravings for sugar at all, which is always my weakness.

It's one thing I love about this 12 week program. For some reason when I get on it and do the things that set me up for success, write in my blog, do my food diary and post on, mentally I just get in the zone. Where during the time I'm not on the challenge I give into temptation at times, when I am I can just flick that switch and say no. My will power seems so much higher when I have my goals set, know Cathy will be taking my measurements every week etc.

Looking forward to my run this afternoon. Yeah, I know from experience it is going to be a struggle with the post LBWO legs. But, it's all part of it. Pushing through that and still reaching for my 10's!