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Friday, February 11, 2011

Wonders Never Cease

Been awhile since my last blog. Nothing much happening to write about. Keeping on keeping on as it were. Hovering around 210lbs. Hitting the gym 4x a week or so and eating clean around 80% of the time. Caught myself more than one reaching for a cookie or some other snack and sadly gave in at times.

Overall happy about being able to maintain my weight and healthier lifestyle, while at the same time knowing deep down that the last month or so I could have been reaching for my long term fitness goals instead.

So last night after getting home from the gym my wife pips up during dinner and asks me if we can do another 12 week challenge together. To set the stage here is a picture of my wife from New Years

As you can see, it`s not like she is in bad shape! Far from it. Back in the fall when we did the first 12 week challenge, she was very supportive in the fact she did it with me. 6x a week at the gym, we never missed a workout. But at the time she certainly wasn`t sold on the program. Like many people who have maintained a healthy lifestyle their whole lives, they have a hard time accepting 12 weeks can make such a dramatic change.

By the end of the 12 weeks, she was much less skeptical after seeing the changes I made, and now a couple months later even less so. She was afraid, and rightly so, that I would do the 3 months then fall right back into my old habits, I certainly have gone on fitness crazes in the past and not been able to maintain it.

So, even with seeing me stick with this lifestyle for 6 months, I hardly expected her to want to do another challenge with me. While she stuck with it through the end, she found the 6x a week schedule a bit much. But here she was asking to do another 12 weeks.

So here we go. Day 1 of 84 starts on Saturday with measurements,pictures etc. And I will be firing up this here blog for my daily record. I found the accountability of it, even if no one ever reads this, was a big help in keeping me on track.

I am dubbing this challenge Destination 6 Pack!

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