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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Here we go!

Saturday I started back into the routine. I'm not calling this a 12 week challenge again as I'm not going to count the days. I am looking at this as the "For Life" part of BFL. I have set some goals for myself to finish off the year and I am going to pursue them with the same single mindedness as I did the 12 week challenge.

So far its been a very good week. Felt fantastic to get back to full workouts again and really push myself at the gym and reach for those 10s. My right knee has been bothering me since the weather started to turn colder. I've had knee trouble for years now including surgery on my left knee. I'm worried it may be a little arthritis as it seemed to crop up once it started getting colder. But I slapped on my brace for my cardio and that seemed to help.

I hadn't weighed in since I got back from my weekend away. To my surprise when I weighed in this morning I was down to 211lbs. So, even with the 2 weeks of active rest and a weekend away where I ate pretty much whatever I wanted, still dropping about 2lbs a week. Its amazing what your body does when your metabolism is running well.

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