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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Week 11 and 12

Well, today is day 83 of the 84.

Last week and this week have again been pretty busy and its been awhile since my last update.

Week 11 finished very well and Week 12 has been great also. End of week 11 weigh in and I broke out of the 220s weighing in at 218lbs. Leaving me 3 more lbs to drop in week 12 to hit 215lbs. 218 is already past my starting goal especially considering the muscle I have gained over this 12 weeks. According to our caliper and measurements (granted we are not pros at using the fat calipers) I am at 35lbs of fat lost and 7 lbs of muscle gained and have dropped over 10% of my body fat.

My workouts so far in week 12 have been very good. New highs in both weights and cardio. One more cardio session to go this afternoon and that will be 12 weeks complete. So proud of myself to have stuck with this program right to the end. No workouts missed and no cheating on the diet. Cathy as well has remarked on how proud she is that I stuck with it given my history of not following through on a diet or sticking with going to the gym for any period of time.

Of course, these 12 weeks are only the beginning of my fitness journey. I need to make the transition from the 12 week challenge to a life time commitment of eating right and exercise. I still have more fat to lose to reach my ultimate goal, so my efforts can't stop with the completion of the 12 week challenge.

I have already started to refocus my effort with new goals to reach for by year end and I think that will be the key to long term success of maintaining a healthy weight and body fat percentage. Continually updating and coming up with new fitness goals to chase

I will admit I am nervous. In the past I have not been able to maintain my weight. It seems like for most of my adult life I was either losing or gaining weight which I know is not healthy for my body.

. I haven't yet decided what methods I am going to use to continue on to my ultimate goals. A big part of me says why fix what isn't broken. The BFL lifestyle is working tremendously for me, both in the results I have seen and the simplicity it brings to the process. I am accustomed to the routine and schedule that we have been following for the last 3 months. Why not continue on? Use next week to write down my next set of goals and prepare for another 12 week cycle.

Another part of me though wants to explore other training methods. Maybe a change is needed to make sure I don't plateau. To mix things up to keep me focused and excited to hit the gym.

So I have some thinking to do and decisions to make over the next couple days. One thing I don't want to do is lose momentum before I reach my long term goals. So, while the challenge officially ends tomorrow and we will be doing our final pictures on Saturday or Sunday. One thing I'm not going to do it is revert back or slow down especially on the eating front. I'm going to enjoy my normal free day on Friday, then Saturday morning back into the swing of things eating wise.

If there is one thing I that has become routine for me over these 3 months, its that I don't need fast food or sweets on a daily basis. I don't feel like I am restricing myself on a day to day basis anymore. I enjoy my cottage cheese and berries as my evening snack just as much as I enjoyed ice cream or chips before. I see no reason not to continue on with eating 6 balanced meals a day and avoiding the junk and having a free day once a week.

As to the gym, I know there is this accepted thing called active rest the BFL community seems to follow. For myself not sure. I enjoy going to the gym and lifting weights. Am I going to go 6 times next week? IDK. Maybe for a week or two I'll cut it back to 4 times a week. Couple cardio session and a couple weights.

Stay tuned (that is if anyone is actually tuned in :) ), end pics will be coming this week end.

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