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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Great Weekend

So, back from my weekend away. Had a ton of fun with my sisters and the families. Very nice to just relax for 3 days. No gym, no worrying about what I ate. While I didn't even worry about 6 meals a day or anything eating healthier is definitely become ingrained into my mind.

On the trip down, I stopped at a Mcdonalds around lunch time. Went in, looked at the menu, kinda stood there for a minute taking in the sites and smells then walked back out without ordering anything. Went down the street to the Subway and got a 6inch chicken breast on whole wheat, no mayo no cheese and enjoyed the heck out of it. I told myself before I left for the trip I would eat what ever I was craving with no remorse, but once I actually was in McD's I realized I wasn't craving that food at all.

So anyways, had a great time but as always it was nice to get home. To my surprise after a "free weekend" including some drinking and no exercise, one day after getting back my weight was the exact same as the day before I left. I fully expected to be a couple lbs heavier so it was a nice surprise.

Back to the gym this week. Nothing crazy. Had a good run on Monday and a good UBWO yesterday. Not as heavy as I was doing during the 12 weeks but it felt good to get back into the gym and work up a sweat. It was a bit of a revelation to me. I MISSED THE GYM! Never thought I would ever say that! I managed to not miss a single workout over my 12 weeks, and that took a ton of will power sometimes to drag my butt down there and give it my all. But now, even though the "challenge" is done I find even more motivation to keep going. hmm, motivation isn't even really the right word anymore. I crave the gym, not out of guilt but because I like the new me. I love how I feel both physically and mentally after a good workout.

Anyways, Going to go for a run today, then take 2 days off and start back into it full speed on Saturday.

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