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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Active Rest

So, middle of the first week post 12 week challenge. This week is suggested being an "active rest" week. Cut out the weights and dial back the cardio. Finding it very hard to do so, but I also haven't really been trying to hard to cut back.

I've been keeping my normal routine and hit the gym every day this week. I tried to dial back the cardio and just do a moderate pace jog instead of the HIIT. I'm finding steady state cardio like that very boring and really doesn't feel like I'm getting a good workout. ON Sunday I set the treadmill to what has been my level 7 intensity (9.5km/hr) and ran for 15mins with no rest. Yawn! Barely even worked up a sweat. So for the last 5 mins I did intervals of 1:15 at a lv7 and 45secs at lv10 for 5 intervals. That felt much more like it. Worked up a good sweat and got the heart rate up. Then finished with 5 mins at a fast walk for a total of 4kms.

On Monday I switched to an elliptical machine for 1/2hr of steady pace cardio and a light leg workout. Hit quads, hammies and calves but at a lighter weight than I had been doing.

Tuesday went back to my normal HIIT routine and speeds and yesteday did a light upper body workout. Today another HIIT session then going away for the weekend and taking a total break from the gym for 3 days.

I haven't changed my eating at all. 6 meals a day, lots of water and no junk. This weekend I am going to enjoy myself without going over board.

Next week will be similar to this week and then Oct 31st starting another 12 week cycle.

My goals for the next cycle:

Size 32 pants
Get under 200lbs.
Lose 20lbs of fat and 10% BF.
6 pack by Christmas
Gain another 10% in strength
Up my cardio distance by 10%.

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  1. Awesome! I hope you meet all your next set of goals!