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Monday, September 27, 2010

Week 9

Week 9

Busy week and I sadly didn't have time to keep up to date on my blog. Overall was a good week. All my weights were very good. Switched up a couple exercises. My cardios were good but not great, seem to be plateauing a little in my distances. All were still good runs and I was sweating a ton and felt like I was pushing hard, just didn't see any improvement in my distances.

Eating was spot on the whole week. Free day was controlled and I didn't go over board. End of week 9 weigh in was 222.4 lbs. Down 23 lbs so far. Waist was 41". Down 7 inches there. Tried on a pair of size 36 jeans at the store. They did up, but tight in the waist. Size 34 a no go but still 3 weeks till the end of the challenge to hit that goal which is the last one to hit on my original list.

The BFL lifestyle has really become second nature to me now. When I started it seemed like BFL was consuming all of my thoughts. Constantly thinking about eating, training etc. Now it just happens. I don't have to spend hrs planning my meals, I just make sure the house is stocked with the foods I need and eating clean just is just what i do. Same with workouts. I longer think in terms of , its week 9 day 4. Its more, oh, its Monday, that means UBWO this week. Going to the gym is just what I do.

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