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Friday, September 17, 2010

Days 54 and 55

Week 8 days 5 & 6

Well today is day 56 and my free day. Given the trip down to see the family tomorrow I am making this week 9 day 1 and taking my free day tomorrow. So eating clean today and heading to the gym for my UBWO this afternoon. Not sure how that will affect the week, but seems like a reasonable way to make sure I don't miss any workouts and frees myself up to enjoy myself tomorrow.

Did my normal weekly weigh in today. 224lbs. Down 21.5 net lbs so far. Will be doing my measurements and pics tomorrow before we hit the road.

Day 55 Cardio. Had a nagging headache all day but still went and did my run. Wasn't my best effort, but surprisingly wasn't to far off my best pace. Wouldn't say I hit my 10 today, which is a first for me on cardio. But, given the headache it was the best I could do under the circumstances.

Day 54 LWBO. Had a good lower body workout. Hit my 10 on quads but only a good 9 on hammys and calves. Due to timing reasons was the first time going without Cathy who went later on in the evening. Really felt odd not having her there with me.

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