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Friday, September 10, 2010

Days 47 and 48

Week 7 Days 5 & 6

Day 48 Last cardio of the week. Had a good run, just slightly off my best pace to date. Did an extra abs workout afterwards, which I have been doing on weeks with only one LWBO. Good day at the gym. Got up a very good sweat.

Eating has been fine. I feel like I have got my portions and food choices just right. Not getting hungry in between meals. Have lots of energy. Getting good sleep at night.

Day 47 Had a very good upper body work out. Really tried to hit that 10 on all my body pasts. Didn't get it on everything but for an odd reason. Weights were to light! Using the same weights as Saturday which provided me with a very tough workout they were two light to really have that 10 feeling on chest, biceps and shoulders. Still a very good workout though.

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