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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Days 45 and 46

Week 7 days 3 and 4

Day 46. Cardio day once again. Had a fantastic run. I was really in the zone today. Broke 3.00km in 20 mins for the first time. Ended at 3.05. Sweating buckets from min 5 to the end. In 7 weeks I have added a full KM in the 20min time frame.

Eating was clean for both days. Had my weekly salmon last night. Very tasty. Have cut out the WW pasta so far this week. Having a portion of fruit instead with my evening meal. Cantalope or Strawberries. Trying to cut out the starchy carbs in my evening meal and it seems to be working. I seem to be falling into a bad habit of weighing myself every morning. I've been happy this week to see a daily drop on the scale but I should probably try and break that habit and go back to weekly.

Day 45 was LBWO day. Got to the gym at our normal time only to find it closed early for the Labor Day holiday. Total bummer, 44 days without a missed workout and I was damned if we were going to miss one now.

So, we headed back home to try and figure out how to get our Leg workout in with no weights at all at home. Hamstrings were no problem, we did walking lunges and dead lifts with some water jugs. Quads and calves though were an issue. Need more weight than a couple water jugs are going to give me. I ended up tossing Cathy over my shoulders in a fireman's carry and squatting her holding various items to increase the weight. It was a good workout but her constant laughter made it a little hard to focus ;). Piggy backed her for my Calf raises. Not quite as good a workout as at the gym, but did we ever have fun. Good for the soul.

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