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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 53

Week 8 day 4

Cardio day. Our workout session got delayed by a little crisis. Stepped on Cathy's glasses so we had to hunt around to find a store open that could straighten then out for her. Finally did but ended up not getting to the gym till after 7pm.

Still got a great run in, right on my top pace to date. Noticing a little plateau in my running the last week. Still right on pace but not really improving as fast as I was. I guess that's to be expected considering the massive gains I had made in the last 2 months over where I started. Going to have to dig deeper and push myself harder to keep improving.

Due to the glasses issue my eating got a bit screwed up in the timing. Went 4hrs between meal 4 and 5 and ended up eating my 6th just 20mins before bed instead of 1hr or more. Not a biggie as meal 6 is mostly protein with very little carbs.

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