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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 52

Week 8 day 3

Upper Body today. Had a very good workout. Weights up in all exercises. Getting closer to what I used to lift back in my 20's.

Found out I have some family flying out from Ontario this week. Heading down to the coast for the weekend to see them. Looking forward to seeing everyone, but at the same time kinda bummed as I had kinda planned on not seeing my sisters until Thanksgiving in the last week of the challenge. Really wanted to surprise everyone as I haven't told them I was doing BFL.

The changes I have experienced are very noticeable now, and I'm sure everyone will be happy for me, just not quite where I was hoping to be when I saw then. Oh well, just have to keep working hard to shock them even more at Thanksgiving then continue on working my butt off to be in top shape for Christmas.

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