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Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 50 and 51

Week 8 Days 1 & 2

Eating back on track for both days after free day. I kept free day in check very well this week. Small meal of Chinese food (nothing deep fried) little bit of ice cream and some popcorn. Oh and my 2 Molson 67's. I swear, those 2 beers on Friday every week are the best beer I have ever had.

Really amazing the difference keeping free in check makes. I weighed in on Free day morning at 226.4lbs. After a mostly clean free day 229. As opposed to the 6+ lbs I have seen on other free days. I know that every week the "free day" weight is usually gone in a day or two as it's mostly water retention from sodium. Still, especially now that I am in the finishing stretch, I begrudge every day that free day takes to get back to losing pounds.

Day 51. Cardio Day. Had a good run. Right on my best pace.I am still amazed at what your mind can do, even when your body is saying stop. Min 18 and 19 every time is a mental gut check to finish strong.

Day 50 - Start of week 8 . Did our weekly measurements. Down another 1"on the belly and hips. Everything else pretty much the same. At an interesting point in this with certain body areas. Places like my arms, shoulders and chest are no longer shrinking in net inches, yet at the same time they are definitely changing in appearance.

Take my upper arms for instance. They have been at 15.75-16 inches the entire time, yet at the start I could pinch a good amount of fat both on the top and in Tricep area. Now, not so much. Seems like most of the inches disappearing now is the the "trouble spots". Around the abdomen for the most part.

LBWO after the weekly session with the measuring tape. Had a great work out. Upped my squat weight to 170lbs for my 6 rep and 90lbs for my 12 rep super set. Followed with 240lbs on the leg press for the second 1/2 of the super set, up from 180.

In between sets I jumped on the incline sit up bench as it was right beside the smith machine. I tried doing incline sit ups in week 3 I think it was and could barely do 1. Hurt my lower back and I just didn't have the ab strength to do full sit ups. It was a big pump to get on it and pump out my sets of abs. It was still challenging but I could and did do it!

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