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Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 49!

Day 49! 7 weeks done.

Above is a picture I took of myself this morning wearing the size 42 jeans I was wearing when I started my challenge on July 24th. At that time they were not super tight but tight enough I didn't need a belt to keep them up.

Some quick stats from this mornings weigh in.

Weight 226lbs -19lbs net
Body Fat 27.33% down from 34.76% -7.43% BF
Body Composition : Fat 61.68 lbs down from 85.3lbs -23.62 lbs of fat.
Lean Muscles 164.5 up from 160lbs. +4.5lbs of lean muscle.

All and all I am very pumped with my results so far.

Its free day today again. But no plans for anything to outrageous. Going to go have a couple Molson 67's with a buddy then pick up a sub or something for dinner. Have some yummy chocolate ice cream as my treat for the day. Other than that normal meal plan. Eggs and oatmeal, mid morning and afternoon shake and some chicken and veggies for lunch. No workout, but i will take the dogs for a nice long walk tonight weather permitting.

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