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Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 43 and 44

Week 7 Day 1 and 2

Started out Week 7 with a bang. Great UBWO. Hit 10's in chest,shoulders and back. We have been doing wide grip pull ups on the assist tower for a couple weeks now for back. That thing is the devil, but man what a great back workout it gives.

Day 44 was Cardio. Had my best run to date. Hit 2.94 in 20 minutes. Looks like we are picking up a used treadmill for home so I am considering doing cardio daily and twice on cardio day for the last 6 weeks. Probably not a full on HIIT everyday, but getting in a 30min jog anyways.

Back to eating my normal 6 meals. Its kinda funny how that is what feels normal to me now and free day seems abnormal. While I feel like I have done a good job on keeping free day under control, but Friday evening I am still looking forward to Saturday and getting back into the routine. Where as before I used food for comfort, I am finding that comfort in my routine and workouts.

After study of my food intake for the last 2 weeks I am making some adjustments. Over all I'm not getting quite enough calories daily. Running around 1500-1600 per day and should be around 1800. Upped my breakfast a bit from 1/2c of egg whites to 2/3c and 1 whole egg. Brings the calories closer to 300 and the protein closer to the 30gms I am looking for. Keeping the oatmeal portion the same. Other than that I'm going to add some higher carb value veggies to lunch and dinner, carrots, corn etc.

I have also added a bit of good fat to my diet. In the first 6 weeks I was averaging sub 20g of fat daily. My breakdowns were 53% protein 36% carbs 13%fat. So I have added things like 1tsp of olive oil to the vinager I put on my salad. Some ground flax seeds to my oatmeal in the morning. Making sure I get Salmon at least once per week.

I'll track these changes over the next 2 weeks and see how the results pan out.

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