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Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 42. 6 Weeks done and why I am loving the BFL lifestyle.

Last day today of my 6th week on BFL. I can honestly say I have given it 100%+ and that feels great. Zero missed workouts and Zero cheating on non free days.

Here is why I am loving BFL.

2 years ago I joined a program called Sure Slim. First off it was $800.00 freakin dollars for this program. They give you a meal plan supposedly based on blood work and tests but in reality is just another very low carb diet. Once a week you went in to see a councilor and weight in. There was no exercise component. That was actually one of their selling points, lose weight without exercise.

Now, I did lose weight on this program. Close to 30lbs in 4 months. After 4months I just could not take the low carbs, I was weak, tired and hungry the whole 4 months. After going off the program I gained all the weight plus more back over the next couple years to my BFL starting point of 245.6lbs.

Fast forward to now.

After 6 weeks of BFL I am fitting into clothes that fit me after 4 months on the other program. The incredible thing is, these clothes are fitting me at 228lbs when before they fit at 210-215lbs. So even though scale weight I am still about 15 lbs above my previous low, the same clothes fit.

I SHUDDER to think of how much muscle loss was associated with the other program. Based on how my clothes are fitting, the only conclusion I can reach is that at least 1/2 of the weight loss on that program was muscle if not more.

With BFL I have exponentially more energy, even on days like today after a hard week and I feel a little beat up, I still have a ton of energy. With the 6 meals a day I'm not hungry between meal times. Yes some days it is very hard to look at another Chicken *** or portion of cottage cheese, but it is sooo worth it.

Half way done and half way to go. Time to step it up even more and really kill these last 6 weeks.

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